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Compositions sorted by instrumentation

Exact settings for the pieces are available at Edition Wilhelm Hansen’s website

Orchestral music

A Drama in the Air (for orchestra) – 2020

A Study in Scarlet (En studie i rött) (for string orchestra) – 1996 Listen on Spotify

A Walk After Dark (for viola solo and orchestra) – 2013 Listen on Spotify

A Walk By Heart (for string orchestra) – 2019

A Walk to Beethoven (for orchestra) – 2019 Listen

A Walk to Beethoven’s First Symphony (for orchestra) – 2020

A Walk to Berwaldhallen (for orchestra) – 2019 

A Walk to Brahms’ Violin Concerto (for orchestra) – 2023

A Walk to GADE (for string orchestra) – 2017 Listen on Spotify

A Walk to Schubert’s Fifth Symphony (for orchestra) – 2021

A Walk to Tchaikovsky (for string orchestra) – 2017

A Walk to Värmland (for wind orchestra) – 2018 

Avsked från vildgässen (The Parting With the Wild Geese), version 1-7 (for wind orchestra) – 2020 Listen on Spotify

Barcarole (for orchestra) – 2000

Coming Back (for orchestra) – 2021

Concerto for Orchestra (Konsert för orkester) (for orchestra) – 2008

Courante (for string quartet, percussion and orchestra) – 2019 

Delusions (Förvillelser) (for trumpet solo and orchestra) – 2005 Listen on Spotify

Der Vogel der Nacht (for orchestra) – 2010

Es ist genug (for 6 percussionists and orchestra) – 2007

Fanfare für die Verwandlung (for orchestra) – 2016 

Farewell Variations (Avskedsvariationer) (for orchestra) – 2005 Listen on Spotify

Feather Music (for chamber orchestra) – 2020 Listen

Figures at the Seaside (for cello solo and chamber orchestra) – 2020 Listen on Spotify

Fractal Music (for orchestra) – 2023

Games For Souls (for violin solo and string orchestra) – 2015 Listen on Spotify

Games For Souls – shortened version (for violin solo and string orchestra) – 2015  

Games Without End (for French horn and orchestra) – 2018 

Halkyoniska dagar
(Halcyon Days) (for flute and orchestra) – 2023

Horisontvals (for orchestra) – 1996

Im Freien (for violin solo and string orchestra) – 2020

Infinite Rooms (for violin/viola, double bass and orchestra) – 2016 Listen

Invisible Cities (for orchestra) – 2013 Listen on Spotify

Land of Happiness (Lyckans land) (for violin solo and orchestra) – 2006

Light and Grass (for wind instruments and percussion) – 2023

Lovsång till drömmarna 
(for soprano and string orchestra) – 2018  Listen
Lyrics: Wislawa Szymborska, Swedish translation: Per-Arne Bodin and Roger Fjellström

Many, Yet One
(for orchestra) – 2016  Listen

Medan draködlan flyger (for orchestra) – 1994

Notes From the City of the Sun (for soprano and orchestra) – 2017 
Lyrics: Bei Dao

Parallel Universes (for orchestra) – 2021

Persuasion (for orchestra) – 2004 Listen on Spotify

Picnic at Hanging Rock (Utflykt i det okända) (for orchestra) – 2010 Listen on Spotify

Promenad till en högre sfär (Walk to a Higher Sphere) (for orchestra) – 2018 Listen

Regndans (for orchestra) – 1998

Screen Memories (for trumpet solo and orchestra) – 2012 

Segelnde Stadt (for orchestra) – 2014 

Sera (for orchestra) – 2002

Sera – reduced version (for orchestra) – 2007 Listen on Spotify

Serenad för orkester (for orchestra) – 1999

Shortening Days (for violin solo and orchestra) – 2024

The Baron in the Trees (for percussion solo and orchestra) – 2001 Listen on Spotify

Två passacaglior (for orchestra) – 1997

Ten Secret Doors (for orchestra) – 2011 Listen on Spotify

Two Walks (for string orchestra) – 2016 Listen on Spotify: A Walk to Biber and A Walk to Britten

Underjordisk dans (for orchestra) – 1993

Voyages extraordinaires (for orchestra) – 2019 

Weed (for wind orchestra) – 2003 Listen on Spotify

Walking in the Shade (for wind quintet and orchestra) – 2019 

Wings Are Everything (Allt beror på vingar) (for mixed choir and orchestra) – 2009 

Yankadi (for 6 soloists and orchestra) – 2013

Stage Works

The Play of the Night (opera for 15 soloists, choir and ensemble) – 2024
Libretto: Peter Bäckström

Eatnama váibmu (opera for 6 soloist, female choir, children’s choir and orchestra) – 2023
Libretto: Rawdna Carita Eira

(a stage work for 2 soloist, narrator, 3 dancers, choir and 7 instruments) – 2015 Read more about the project
Libretto: Rawdna Carita Eira

If You’ve Lost Your Luggage
 (Om man blivit av med sitt bagage) (chamber opera) – 2003 Listen to one aria on Spotify
Libretto: Niklas Törnlund

Inferno (for brass quintet and one actor) – 2011 
Text: August Strindberg’s ”Inferno”, adaptation by Magnus Florin

Chamber music

A Room of One’s Own 
(for 8 strings) – 2020 

A Sign in Space 
(for piano solo) – 2021 

A Walk to Kungsbacka (for piano trio) – 2021

A Walk to Mozart
 (for string quartet and musical saw) – 2020

Alfabet (for soprano and 7 musicians) – 2021

Another Part of the Wood (for mixed choir) – 2022

Archi (for string quartet) – 2022

Baum in der Stadt
(for violin) – 2015 Listen on Spotify

By the Window (for viola, double bass and prepared piano) – 2022

Dans på de saligas ängder
 (for trumpet and 1 percussionist) – 1996

Diagonal musik (for horn, violin and prepared piano) – 2017 Listen on Spotify

Divertimento (for tuba and accordeon) – 1998

Doppelgänger Music (for piano trio) – 2022

Dream Day (for viola solo) – 2013 

En konstnär i norr (for soprano and piano) – 2022
Text: Tomas Tranströmer

En promenad till Taube (for descant choir and ensemble) – 2024
Text: Evert Taube

Encounter in Space (for trumpet, clarinet and piano) – 2014

Epiphanies (for cello and accordion) – 2023

Four Walks (for viola and double bass) – 2018 Listen on Spotify

Images From the Floating World (for string quartet) – 2019 Listen on Spotify

In frale barca (for soprano and 7 instruments) – 1997

Inte-nudda-golv (for string trio) – 2014

In the Tower (I tornet) (for brass quintet) – 2009

Ink-wash on paper (for 8 musicians) – 2020

Jakt på fågel (for mixed choir and string quartet) – 2024
Text: Harriet Löwenhjelm

Katze und Vogel (for French horn solo) – 2020 

Kinderszenen (for horn trio) – 2011 Listen

Kärlekens visa (for mixed choir) – 2020
Lyrics: Pär Lagerkvist 

Later the Same Day (for two soprano saxophones) – 2021 Listen

Letter in April (for clarinet, violin, cello and piano) – 2011 Listen on Spotify

Love in the Afternoon (for violin, cello and piano) – 2017 

Lux aeterna (for mixed choir) – 2000 Listen on Spotify

Mit emsigen Schritten (for violin solo) – 2022

Mercury Music (for string quartet) – 2024

Nachtstück (for soprano, countertenor and piano) – 2017 

Nátt ín býnum (Night in Town) (for mixed choir) – 2014
Lyrics: Katrin Reinert 

Off on a comet (for alto recorder, kannel, harpsichord and synthesizer/theremin) – 2021

Pastoral Mosaik (for brass band)

Ramble Through my Countryside (Strövtåg i hembygden) (for 6 strings) – 2007

Rebellion in Greenery (Revolt i grönska) (for 7 instruments) – 2008 Listen on Spotify

Serenad (for pianotrio and flute) – 1999

Strapats (Hardship) (for 6 instruments) – 2002

Stänk och flikar (for clarinet and 5 percussionists) – 2000

Symphony in Yellow (for pianotrio) – 2003 Listen on Spotify

The Bell Tolls (for brass band) – 2020

The Dancing Men (De dansande figurerna) (for string quartet) – 1995

The Fugitive (La fugitive) (for brass quintet) – 2004

Tinta (for 4 trombones) – 2014 

To every thing there is a season (for violin and female choir) – 2019

To måner (for mixed choir) – 2022

Tranströmermusik (Tranströmer Music) (for string trio) – 2021

Två sånger om livet efter detta (Two Songs of Afterlife) (for female choir) – 2019 Listen to ”En gång skall du” Listen to ”Hänryckning”
Lyrics: Hjalmar Gullberg, Pär Lagerkvist 

Två sånger om liv och död (Two Songs of Life and Death) (for mixed choir) – 2018 Listen to ”Världens gång  Listen to ”Inte ens”
Lyrics: Gustaf Fröding, Nils Ferlin 

Volley (for 2 violins) – 2016 Listen on Spotify

Wir eilen (for organ) – 2022